As the holiday season approaches, Disney World has been preparing lots of treats for holiday makers. Disney World has lovely lights the whole year round but the holiday season sees the place bedecked with Christmas decors and more lights. The holiday season offerings make the Disney World the primary destination for the holiday season.

What Makes Disney World the Best Holiday Destination?

This Christmas Season, there will be more entertainment coming from the Hollywood and Epcot’s studios. Disney World will present shows that revolve around the theme of Christmas. The Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! Night show is something that you must see if you are spending your Christmas in Disney World. On December 31, there will be pyrotechnics, fire blasts, projections, and laser presentations with the façade of the adjacent buildings to the Chinese Theater as background. Disney World will be the best place to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018. Disney characters will try to locate Santa Claus to save Christmas. The scenes will be featuring famous cartoon characters such as Donald Duck, Bambi, Chip and Dale, and other cartoon stars.

The Candlelight Processional will be joined by celebrity guests, a choir, and a 50-member orchestra for the narration of the Christmas Story. Epcot’s World Showcase will show how other countries celebrate Christmas. Mexico and UK will participate in the Holidays around the World.

Another reason for spending your holiday season in Disney World is the great number of merchandise at the Disney Parks and the online Disney Parks Store. There are Christmas pins, Hitchhiking Ghost stockings, Dooney & Burke purse with holiday season themed designs. You can place your purchases in the best bags for Disney World that is sold in the park.

Visitors will be given a Yuletide Fantasy Tour at $99 per person. The tour is worth it as visitors will be allowed to see the backstage of Epcot’s and the Magic Kingdom as well a visit to the Holiday Services Building where people in charge of the holiday season decors are stationed. This tour has never been done at Disney yet and it will be a novel experience for guests who want to experience something different at Disney World. Lots of delicious treats are now sold at the Amorette’s and The Ganacery. Amorette’s is now baking gingerbread macaroon, which is their special way of making visitors feel and taste the spirit of Christmas.

You can have a preview of these events prepared for holiday season by watching the best podcasts about Disney World. These include WDW Holiday Season 2017, New Holiday Offerings at Disney World, and a lot more. The podcasts will give people an idea of what they can see and experience in Disney World this Christmas season.  They will be inspired to choose Disney World as their holiday destination for 2017.

If you want to feel the true spirit of the Christmas Season, consider Disney World as the place to celebrate it. The shows and events, the Christmas decors and treats that cannot find anywhere else will make this Christmas season special to you and your family.